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Youth Accounts

It’s never too early to start saving and develop money management skills! Get started now, we have accounts for all ages. Check out our youth accounts and financial literacy education series. 


AGES 0-11

Anyone 11 years and younger automatically becomes a Rock Star Saver when he or she opens a regular share account, with a $5 minimum deposit. This first $5 deposit is matched for an extra $5 reward.

You’ll need some basic information to get started:

  • Child’s driver’s license, OR
  • Child’s state identification, OR
  • Child’s passport, OR
  • Child’s birth certificate and their Social Security number.

To join, visit a branch or complete the process online by clicking below.



No Account Fees

Quarterly Dividends

Certificates of Deposit – Rock Star Savers can start out with a  minimum deposit of $100

Welcome Gift – Each new Rock Star Saver will receive a special gift

Backstage Passbook – To record your transactions and progress towards rewards


Invitations to Zeal Credit Union sponsored events

Birthday Bongo – get a birthday card and grab a handful of coins out of the Birthday Bongo Drum

And more!


AGES 12-17

To get started, you’ll need the child’s driver’s license, state identification, passport, or birth certificate and their social security number. A parent, legal guardian, or adult relative with proper identification must be joint on the account. Click here to learn more about Nextgen, Nextgen checking accounts, and credit cards.


We believe in promoting financial education in the communities we serve. If you work with a student, youth or community group, we invite you to contact us. We offer presentations to fit all age levels. If you are interested in a financial presentation for your classroom please email for more information.