Apple Pay® is now available for members to use with their new credit card. You may now load your card to your Apple Wallet and begin using your phone to pay for transactions. We are currently working to resolve an issue adding the new credit cards to Google Pay®. We are actively working on this issue for a prompt resolution. We will continue to update you as information becomes available.

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Are you looking for financial flexibility? Here are some loan options to consider.



Want a simple loan that’s quick and easy on your budget? If you need to borrow a small amount of money or you don’t have home equity to draw from, a Home Improvement Loan could be just right for you. It takes care of the small but expensive repairs that all homeowners experience. We’ll be happy to loan you $500 or more, with no application fee, no pre-payment penalty and terms up to 60 months. No kidding. This loan is the perfect way to pay for things like new windows, an energy-efficient furnace, updated landscaping or any other home improvement project.

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Your quality credit record deserves reward. That means convenient access to cash whenever you need it. With this revolving line-of-credit, you’re approved for a signature limit and given checks to access those funds. From there, you decide how much of your limit you use and for what. As you pay down your loan balance the credit limit replenishes itself, ready to be used again when you need it.

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Never worry about non-sufficient fund fees again. If you overdraft on a purchase with a Zeal Credit Union check or debit card, an Overdraft Protection Loan will automatically cover the overdraft amount up to your available credit limit.

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Need to buy something but don’t want to dip into your savings? A Share Pledge Loan is a loan that borrows money against your existing Share, Money Market or Certificate account at an exceptionally low rate. When the loan is paid down, those funds are released back into your account, leaving your savings intact.

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