Some Zeal members have reported receiving phishing scam text messages stating that their debit cards are locked and to contact the number provided. This is a scammer posing as Zeal Credit Union. Please do not respond; please report any suspicious communications to

Business Debit Cards

Using the Zeal Visa® debit card gives you 24/7 access to your business checking account – allowing you to run your business on your time. Funds are deducted directly from your checking account which makes keeping track of what you spend easy. With your business debit card, you can use your money when and where you want, as well as avoid monthly bills and recurring fees. You can even add your card to your digital wallet to make fast, secure payments from your mobile device.

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Your Zeal Visa® debit card gives you the following conveniences to help secure your business and your accounts:

  • Fraudulent transactions, made with your debit card, will be back placed back in your account if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Misplaced your debit card? Using Online Banking or the Mobile App, prevent unauthorized purchases by locking your card until a new card is issued.
  • 24/7 monitoring is a given with the Zeal Visa® debit card. Our fraud monitoring will detect if a potential fraud or misuse happens – so you and your business are protected.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, our team is here to get you a new one via Online Banking, even when you are on the go.
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Zeal offers versatility when choosing the right checking account for your business needs. You can choose between the Business Basics Checking and the Business Dividend Checking accounts. A business debit card comes with each of these great accounts. You’ll also get access to convenient features that allow you to manage your accounts from anywhere at any time. Some of these great features are: mobile banking, mobile deposit, bill pay, online business banking and online deposits.

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