Apple Pay® is now available for members to use with their new credit card. You may now load your card to your Apple Wallet and begin using your phone to pay for transactions. We are currently working to resolve an issue adding the new credit cards to Google Pay®. We are actively working on this issue for a prompt resolution. We will continue to update you as information becomes available.

Man holding iPhone X with service PayPal on the screen

mobile wallet

Forgot your wallet? Not a problem.

Mobile wallet enables you to pay with your Zeal Credit Card or Debit Card at the point of sale with your smart phone, tablet, or smart watch. Not only is it easy, quick, convenient, it’s also safer than using your physical card. Use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to help make shopping a breeze.



  1. Add Your Cards: Register your Zeal credit card or debit cards to your Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.
  2. Shop In-Store: With your phone, smart watch or tablet, select your card in your wallet and just hold your device up to the symbol on the contactless terminal. It is that easy.
  3. Shop Online or In-App: When shopping online or In-App, click your preferred digital wallet’s logo  at checkout, then login to pay. Take the ease of shopping to a new level!