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Reach For the Stars

Reach for the Stars. It’s What Chef George Does.

George Hamiel has served as the Executive Chef of the Colony Club and The Gem Theater in Detroit for over 20 years and has been a chef for 40 years. But George is not merely the chef. He is a dedicated mentor to his staff, particularly the younger kids. The younger kids see Chef George as a man who reached for the stars, who teaches them to be successful in their own lives. He leads by example as a hard worker and caring mentor to a staff that often tells him how much they value him. “Most of his employees have been with him for 20 years,” George’s nominator told Zeal. “It’s an honor that he gets the opportunity to positively and professionally mold these young kids. Chef George is the real deal.”

He is a chef, and a mentor, and works to help his team build a strong foundation that will serve them well in every opportunity they encounter in life.

Zeal Credit Union is honored to introduce you to: Chef George Hamiel, Hardworking American.