Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand. It’s What Tania James Does.

Tania James loves serving her community and is an active participant in bettering the Metro Detroit community where she lives. Her full-time work is in the nonprofit sector serving people who have experienced homelessness. In her free time, she is still serving. “Tania enjoys volunteering with her sorority and donates to many local charities,” said her nominator. “She is always ready to serve and volunteer at food banks, churches, and especially in grassroots organizations.”

Tania started a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits.  She also enjoys volunteering with her sorority and is on the board of the Friends of the Leanna Hicks Public Library Foundation in Inkster, Michigan. And that’s just scratching the surface. Tania lends a hand wherever she can make a difference, wherever it’s needed.

Zeal Credit Union is honored to introduce you to Tania James, Hardworking American.