ATM Fraud

One of the most common financial scams today is ATM skimming. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost in this scam each year. As you use your ATM and debit cards at swipe terminals, including ATMs and retail outlets, please be aware of what skimming is and how it can affect you.

ATM skimming is a type of fraud that occurs when an ATM or card processor is compromised by a skimming device. A skimming device is a fraudulent card reader disguised to look like a real part of the machine. A criminal will affix the skimming device to the card terminal, and once the card is swiped through a skimming device, the card reader saves the user’s card number and pin code. Once the criminal has this info, they replicate it into a counterfeit ATM or debit card that can be used to fraudulently remove funds from your account. It is important that you always keep a close watch on your accounts to make sure there are no unauthorized transactions.

When you’re at an ATM terminal or paying with a card at a retail store, look at the card terminal before you swipe. Ask yourself if it looks like it could be fake and look at the machine closely for anything that appears suspicious. Look for unusual wiring outside of the machine. To protect our members from losses, Zeal Credit Union will deactivate any cards that we suspect have been skimmed, and immediately issue a new card.

If you suspect a card reader is a skimming device, contact your local police department. If you know you have swiped your card through a skimming device, contact us immediately at 800-321-8570, ext. 300.