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At Zeal Credit Union, we want you to be happy; that is why we have been busy working on a new credit card program. This summer, you will be receiving a new card with updated features and benefits to include enhanced fraud detection. We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers to those questions below. Along the way, we will update this page with relevant information to make the transition smooth. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if your question is not listed below. You can reach us at memberservices@zealcu.org. 

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Why am I getting a New Card?

  • Zeal Credit Union is in the process of upgrading our credit card processing system. As a result of the system conversion, all Zeal Credit Union Visa® credit card holders will receive a new credit card in the mail.

Why are you upgrading your system?

  • Our new system will allow us to provide our credit card holders with our best member experience with new enhanced card features and improved card security.

When will my new credit card arrive?

  • Look for your new Zeal Credit Union Visa® Credit Card this summer!

Will my old credit card continue to work until I receive my new card?

  • Yes. Your existing credit card will continue to work until the system upgrade is complete.

When is your system upgrade taking place?

  • Our credit card system conversion is scheduled for early summer 2020.

Is my credit card number going to change?

  • Yes. As part of the system upgrade, all Zeal Credit Union Visa® credit card holders will receive a new card number.

Will recurring transactions I have with merchants continue to work with my new card number?

  • If the merchant participates in Visa’s Account Updater service, then your transaction will carry over to your new card number. If the merchant does not participate, the transaction will need to be setup again. Please monitor your online account history or statement to verify these transactions continue.

If I currently have a rewards card, will my new card also earn points?

  • Yes! If you have a Zeal Credit Union Visa® Platinum Rewards card, you will continue to earn points.

What will happen to the points I already have?

  • All of your existing reward points will migrate to our new system.

I saw on the postcard that your card design has changed. Will my new card work the same as the one I currently have?

  • In addition to the Chip and Mag Stripe functions you are already used to, your new card will also have the capability for Contactless Payments or “Tap to Pay”.

Why is the new card design vertical?

  • We hope you like our sleek new design. It was designed with the new Contactless “Tap to Pay” feature in mind.

Will the Terms & Conditions of my current card still apply?

  • Yes. The existing terms & conditions of your current Zeal Credit Union Visa® Credit Card will carry over to your new card.

How do I activate my new Zeal Credit Union Visa® Credit Card?

  • Instructions for card activation will be included with your new card.

Will I continue to make my payments the same way?

  • You will continue to have the same payment options of paying online, by mail, or in branch.

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