Playing it Safe on the Internet: Protecting your Identity and Online Security

Presented by Bill Fowlkes, Partner Experience Manager and Leo Hopper, Director of Information Security

If you are reading this, you use the internet. Over the years the internet has changed how we shop, communicate and consume our news. It has affected how we manage our funds and how we manage our lives. It is an amazing tool that has changed the world. Unfortunately, it is not always safe. There are people whose full-time job is to steal your personal information, which can directly impact your financial wellness. Thankfully, there are simple steps that we can all take to be safer on the internet. Join us on Wednesday, December 16 at 1pm as GreenPath’s Director of Information Security joins us to share ways to stay safe online.

Who should attend:

Anyone who uses the internet and wants to keep their identity and finances safe.

What you’ll learn:

Tips to stay safe and protect your identity on the internet.

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