All offices will be closed Monday July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

Fighting the Impact of the Coronavirus on Local Communities

Defend against viral diseases with an adequate defensive system. 3D Rendering

Zeal Credit Union initiated a plan to prevent the spread of COVID 19 at Zeal Credit Union by sending 50 percent of its staff home to self-quarantine, while the other 50 percent of the staff continue to work to meet the financial needs of Zeal members with a solid sanitation and social distancing plan in effect. After 14 days, Zeal’s plan calls for the teams to switch places.  All employees will be paid for the duration of the program.  “We do not expect team members to work during their time at home,” said Julie Kreinbring, President and Chief Executive Officer, “However, we have asked our staff to make a point of reading our Zeal Daily Update every day, even if they are at home, as it is our primary team communication method while we move forward with our ‘One Team’ approach to serve our members and each other during the COVID-19 situation.”  

As the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered daily life across the country, many restaurants, bars and other local food service establishments have suffered due to temporary government closures and self-isolation efforts from the public.  “At Zeal, the local restaurants and businesses are what make our surrounding communities strong and vibrant.  We are trying to do our part to help support those businesses by providing lunch to our staff from local restaurants,” Kreinbring continued,  “We also know some of our members may be experiencing hardship as a result of the coronavirus and because of that, we have created solutions such as short term 0% interest loans, and additionally, during this time of uncertainty, we will temporarily suspend some of our fees to help our members.”